Simple.. Deliver disruptive creative content that engages audiences, drives sales and grows brands.

By Investing in talent, remaining authentic, being creative at pace and building strong relationships.

About us

Greybox, a visual content studio that delivers disruptive, market leading content that engages audiences, drives sales and grows brands. We’re about attention to detail, hard work and authenticity – and delivering great work, time after time. We listen, we ask, and we learn, so the content we create gets results for our clients. We’re forward thinking, straight talking problem solvers who thrive with a challenge. We believe that you can deliver great creative, on time on budget. If you want a partner who can bring your brand to life visually then say hello to Greybox.

Our Story

Greybox was founded in 2014 by Si Grimley and Lindsy Agana. The pair had worked together as a Photographer and Stylist team with in the industry freelance for a number of years. Si and Lindsy recognised that brands and retailers increasingly needed to create assets fast but that creativity and attention to detail had gone replaced by pace and volume. Driven by the belief that content could still be created at pace, creatively with attention to detail Greybox was born. The drive and mission remains and is reflected in the talented team, hard work and attention to detail that defines the Greybox approach.

We Give A £#@!

We are about attention to detail, hard work and remaining authentic.

We listen, we ask and we learn, we value what our clients think. Our content has to deliver.


Pace setting, forward thinking problem solvers,

We have a defined process. It keeps us creative, innovative and ensures we move forward together.


On time, on budget with purpose every time.

Ensuring we achieve our deliverables builds trust and meaningful relationships..

The Greybox Approach

We listen, we ask, we learn

Youve reached out. We listen to your needs. We identify your Key successes and review your constraints. We learn about your business, Your people and your history. We understand brand is important.

We define, we innovate, we create

We define a clear brief with deliverables and timelines. We collaborate through our free thinking team. Innovate, Create, disrupt and deliver.

We deliver, on budget, on time

With our free-thinking team, we innovate, develop, and smash your expectations.

We grow together!

Moving forward together. Building a strong relationships through trust and delivery of strong content and values. We Give A £#@! And we grow together.